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dr sajid


dr sajid

Lecturer at Indian Institute Of aesthetic medicine,Dr.Sajid has trained many skin specialists in various aspects of cosmetic dermatology.
Known for his creative skills and aesthetic sense,He has changed the way people look Making them younger and youthful. A visiting consultant in different parts of india,He has bagged hundreds of hair transplants to his name,he is also an author of “New Hair New Life-Guide to FUE Hair Transplantation ”.

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Google Reviews

4.6 based on 76 reviews
Shweta Khandelwal
Visited for Skin polishing brightening and polishing. I got the best result for that. Than I decided to go for lip figuring and experienced the sudden change in looks. At present very happy with the treatment and services were very cost effective.

Sahil Shaikh
Cost effective treatment..strictly professional doctors..love the way they treat the patient..very humble staff..keep up the good work..God bless Dr.Sajid you are doing a great job.

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Facebook Reviews

4.9 based on 21 reviews
Gowhar Khan
I know you were the best you are the best and you will be the best (Insha-Allah) we are all proud of you. All my good wishes for both of you Dr sajid and Dr Urneeb.

Sutikshan Khajuria
Overwhelmed by the care and attention Dr SAJID gives both pre & post surgery.. God bless Dr SAJID & staff God bless ZAYN HAIR CLINIC.

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Practo Reviews

98% based on 279 votes
Absolute professionals with attention to detail. The doc and team worked on a day off to adjust to my schedule, have been visiting the clinic for more than a year and the results have been very satisfying.

Diana Wilson
The Doctors approach towards the treatment the the confidence he instils in one is amazing . Just started the treatment of course, but so far so good.

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latest blog posts

Why Dr. Sajid Mughal for Hair Transplant in Pune?

Dr. Sajid Mughal is a well-versed lecturer at the Indian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine. Being an experienced hair specialist, he has bagged hundreds of successful hair transplants to his reputation and is the most sought after trichologist in Pune. He believes in ethical practice and assures the best treatments and expertise to everyone.

Which hair transplant technique is better for you? Check it out with the best hair transplant doctor in Pune.

Is Hair Transplant Treatment Effective for Me?

If you are looking for an effective procedure to restore your hair growth and re-define your beauty and confidence, a hair transplant is the best option. While compared to the hair restoration products, the success rate of hair transplants is very high.

However, hair transplants are not meant for everyone. You can go for a hair transplant if you are balding or your hair is thinning naturally. The procedure is exceptionally beneficial for you with the best hair transplant surgeon in Pune.

Is Hair Transplant Life Long, Endurable?

When you think of hair transplants, you must be a little sceptical about the durability of the procedure. Well, the results of hair transplants are long-lasting and considered as a permanent solution for hair loss. The time-consuming procedure involves the healing and recovery process.
Hair transplants don’t show the same results for everyone. Some might experience pain, numbness, and swelling during the treatment. The procedure is endurable, and precautionary measures are available for pain and inflammation. Certain people have experienced itching as a consequence of hair transplantation. One must visit the surgeon in such cases. We aim to ensure that our customers go through this procedure with ease and comfort.

Hair Transplant Treatment Cost in Pune

The average cost of hair transplants can range from INR 30,000 to INR 45,000 per session. Depending on factors such as the experience of the surgeon, surgical technique used, the magnitude of the transplant procedure, etc. the amount can vary.
Visit our best hair transplant clinic in Pune for the good results at affordable prices. If you are thinking about a hair transplant, you should consider Pune as a centre to receive a consultation for the procedure. We offer hair transplant surgeries within your budget without any compromises in quality and safety.

Hair Loss Reasons

What causes hair loss? Can we prevent it or not?

There are several reasons for hair loss, and it can appear in different ways considering the cause. Hair loss can either happen suddenly or gradually over time. It can affect your scalp or your entire body. Take a look at some of the causes and symptoms of hair loss.

  • Hereditary: It is one of the most common causes of hair loss for both men and women. The medical term for hereditary hair loss is Androgenic Alopecia. The inherited genes in your body make the hair follicles shrink and eventually stop hair growth.
  • Hormonal changes: Variations in hormone levels in the body can induce hair loss. Most of the time, it would be a temporary hair loss, for example, pregnancy, menopause, generation of certain sex hormones, etc. Visit our hair specialist in Pune and we can help you with hair growth if the hair loss becomes severe.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as thyroid disease and scalp infections can trigger hair loss. Diseases like lichen planus that cause scarring can lead to permanent hair loss. Medications for conditions like cancer, arthritis, and depression too can be a reason for hair loss. Some of the symptoms of serious hair loss problems are the appearance of patches of scaling on the scalp, bald spots which are circular or patchy, and gradual thinning on your head, especially the top.
    A good protein-filled diet and some minor treatments can handle the hair loss. But, if the problem is severe, a hair transplant is a better and optimal solution. Our skin clinic in Pune can resolve all your skin related issues due to hair loss.

Skin Treatment in Pune

It doesn’t matter whether your skin is black or white. What matters is if your skin is healthy or not. Healthy skin ensures graceful ageing for you. Look better and feel better with promising skin treatment with us under the professional skin specialist in Pune. We are known for all the medical and cosmetic skincare treatments in Pune, we provide customized treatments that are effective and safe.

Skin Treatment Costs in Pune

We provide a one-stop solution for sophisticated high-level medical care for all the skin diseases that affect your confidence. And all these are at the best market prices. Dr. Sajid Mughal is the best dermatologist in Pune with almost a decade of experience in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Get all the skincare treatments with pocket-friendly prices. We care for your satisfaction, not for our profit.

Best Skin Doctor in Pune

Dr. Sajid Mughal is a renowned skin specialist in Pune with comprehensive experience in professional practice. Flawless, energetic skin is no longer a dream for you as here is the best skincare doctor in Pune to serve you. Choose the best one and be the best in the crowd.

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